Vestnik Tehnomac


«NPO Technomac» Vestnik is a quarterly scientific and technical journal devoted to the issues of technological development of the aerospace industry and machine-building technologies.

Journal Topics

  • scientifically technical

Journal Scientific Fields

2.5. – Mechanical engineering

The journal is included in the national information-analytical system «Russian Science Citation Index» (RSCI).

Date and number of the media registration certificate

Printed edition: PE № TS 50 – 02894 dated 31.01.2020 (изменения в запись о регистрации СМИ: PE № FS 77 - 83624 dated 26.07.2022)
  periodic distribution form: Printed periodical, journal
  distribution area: Russian Federation
  media subscription index according to the catalog of the «Ural-Press» agency: 013705
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2712-7966
Founders: S.A. Afanasyev Joint Stock Company «Scientific Production Association «Technomac»
Address of editorial office: 40bldg.1, 3rd proezd Marinoy Roshchi, Moscow, Russian Federation, 127018
Phone: +7 (495) 689-95-04, ext. 22-24
E-mail: VestnikTM@tmnpo.ru
Languages: Russian
Publication Frequency: Once a quarter

We invite domestic and foreign scientists and specialists involved in the technological development of the aerospace industry to cooperate and place their materials on the journal pages.


Georgy Vladislavovich Borovskii is the Editor-in-chief of the journal.

In 1970, he graduated from the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School with a degree in optical and electronic devices as a mechanical engineer.

He began his career at the All-Russian Scientific Research Instrument Institute in 1972, rising from the ranks of engineer to CEO.

Since 2020 up to the present time - Executive Director of scientific, technological and production department of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac».

PhD in Engineering, Senior Research Officer, Associate Professor.

Board Chairman of «Stankoinstrument» Association.

State and departmental awards and honorary titles:

  • «Honored mechanical engineer of the Russian Federation» (1993);
  • Orthodox Order of St. Daniel of Moscow (2005);
  • «Honorary mechanical engineer» (2007);
  • «The Russian Federation Government Prize in Education» (2009);
  • Medal «For Valorous Labor» (2013);
  • Patriarchal Charter (2017).

He has more than two hundred scientific works, such as 30 monographs and 21 inventions; his developments were awarded eight medals of the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Research and development activities range from tooling issues (research, creation and industrial implementation of new metalworking technologies and high-performance tools) to complex technological audit and production modernization tasks.



  • G.V. Borovskii, PhD in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Executive Director of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac».

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

  • M.A. Prusakov, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Department Head of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac».

Editorial board

  • V.G. Beshchekov, Ph.D. in Science, Principal Research Officer of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • I.F. Bukhanova, Ph.D. in Science, Leading Research Officer of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • S.M. Vaytsekhovich, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Research Officer, Principal Research Officer of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • V.A. Kornilov, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Division Head of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • D.A. Murtazin, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Research Scientist of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • M. A. Nazarenko, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Associate Professor, Head of Electronics Department, RTU MIREA;
  • L.M. Ovechkin, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Department Head of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • B.I. Omigov, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Center Director of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • K.D. Panteleev, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Research Officer of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • V.V. Stepanov, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Area Head of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • A.V. Cyrkov, Ph.D. in Science, Prof., Principal Research Officer of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac»;
  • Iu.G. Shargin, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Advisor to the CEO of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac».

The Editorial Board Secretary:

  • A.F. Orlova, Ph.D. in Economics Sciences, Associate Professor, Principal Specialist of S.A. Afanasyev JSC «NPO «Technomac».


List of Headings

  1. New Advanced Production Technologies.
  2. Modern Requirements and Technological Development of the Aerospace Enterprises.
  3. Special and Unique Process Equipment and Tooling for the Production of the Aerospace Products.
  4. Technologies for Testing, Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial Cleanliness in Machine building.
  5. Standardization, Certification, Quality and Metrology.
  6. Economics of Machine Building, Production Arrangement.
  7. Education and Advanced Training
  8. Information Messages

Rules for Sending and Publishing Scientific Articles

1.    Terms of publication

  •  articles must correspond in their content to the scientific specialties of the journal:

 2.5. – Mechanical engineering

  • articles are peer-reviewed by the Journal's Editorial Board or other reviewers.

2.     Requirements for the Articles

  •   the journal accepts articles in Russian;
  •   the length of articles - no more than ten pages, including illustrations, tables, references, and information about the authors;
  •   the article should contain scientific coverage of the problem in question and be consistent with the general field of the journal;
  •   the article must not have been published or printed in other media at the time of submission;
  •   the authors are responsible for the accuracy of the given statistical and other data, sources, quotations, for the use of materials of other authors without appropriate references to sources, for the disclosure of information that is not subject to disclosure, etc.;
  •   no more than two articles by the same author may be published in one issue of the journal (conference proceedings).

3.    Preparing the Manuscript for Publication
To publish an article, you must send the following information to the editorial office:

  •   manuscript of the article, signed by the authors (s) (scanned copy or original);
  •   article in digital format (file name format - "Author_short name_date".doc) to e-mail: VestnikTM@tmnpo.ru;
  •   review;
  •   expert opinions on the possibility of open publication;
  •   consent to the publication and personal data processing of the articles' authors in the scientific and technical journal «NPO «Technomac» Vestnik.

In the e-mail subject field, you should specify to which heading the article belongs, as well as specify the relevant contact information.


  •   A4 format;
  •   margins: left–right: 15 mm; top–bottom: 20 mm;
  •   font size – 12 pt (formulas – 10 pt). Font – Times New Roman;
  •   line spacing – 1,15;
  •   paragraph indention – 1,0 cm;
  •   footnotes in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (endnote in square brackets);
  •   title of the article in Russian and in English - no more than 100 characters;
  •   surnames and initials of the authors in Russian and English;
  •   abstracts in Russian and English - about 780 characters with spaces each;
  •   keywords - no more than eight keywords in Russian and English;
  •   references – GOST R 7.0.100-2018 (ed. 2 of 03.2020);
  •   information about authors (surname, name, patronymic in full - academic degree, academic rank, position, place of work, phone number, e-mail) in Russian and English

Manuscripts will not be returned.
The Editorial Board reserves the right to literary, spelling and other processing of the manuscript in preparation for printing.


1.    The Deputy Editor-in-Chief monitors the compliance of the submitted materials with the established requirements. Manuscript materials that do not meet the established requirements are returned to the authors within five days from the date of their receipt, indicating the reasons for the return.
2.    Deputy Editor-in-Chief within five days from the date of receipt of materials:

  • arranges the work on scientific editing of the manuscript;
  • defines the field-specific heading of the journal.

3.    The secretary of the Journal's Editorial Board carries out:

  •   checking the completeness of the received documents (on paper: article materials with the signatures of the author (s), review, extract made by Scientific and Technical Council);
  •   registration and accounting of the received documents flow
  •   keeping of a main copy of the received documents for five years from the date of the decision by the Editorial Board of the journal to publish or refuse to publish.

4.    Articles proposed for publication in the journal are subject to mandatory review.
Reviewers can be specialists (at least one reviewer for an article) who have an academic degree of Doktor Nauk or Ph.D. in the field of the submitted materials.
All reviewers shall be qualified specialists in the subject of the peer-reviewed materials and have, within the last three years, publications on the subject of the peer-reviewed article.
The personal composition of reviewers is determined by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, ensuring their competence, independence and impartiality.
5.    The structure of the review of the article must comply with the prescribed form.
A review of the article recommended for publication should provide reasoned evidence that this article contains new interesting results and deserves publication. The review of the article is submitted to the secretary of the Journal's Editorial Board on paper with the signature of the reviewer and the date the review was signed.
Reviews that do not meet the prescribed requirements are not accepted.
6.    The review is kept in the journal's editorial office for five years from the date of the article publication or from the date of the decision by the Editorial Board to refuse to publish the article. The reviews are kept in the journal's editorial office for five years. At the request of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, reviews are submitted to the commission and /or the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation on a compulsory basis.
7.    The meeting of the Journal's Editorial Board is held at least once a quarter.
At a meeting of the Editorial Board, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, who has studied the materials of the article submitted for publication and a review of it, gives a characterization and his assessment of the possibility (expediency) of its publication in the journal.
8.    The Editorial Board's decision (related to the publication of the article or the need to revise it, taking into account the comments, or the impossibility / inexpediency of publication) is made in the presence of a quorum for a meeting of the Journal's Editorial Board (presence of more than half of the Editorial Board members at the meeting) by a qualified majority of two-thirds of the Journal's Editorial Board members presenting at the meeting.
If there are significant disagreements in the opinions of the members of the Journal's Editorial Board, the decision to publish an article or revise it, taking into account the comments, or the impossibility (inexpediency) of publication, is taken by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal or his deputy.
If there are scientific, legal or other substantial grounds, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal may:

  • request additional materials confirming the validity (expediency, admissibility) of this publication;
  • refuse to publish a submitted article.

9.    The secretary of the Editorial Board, within seven days after the Editorial Board makes a decision to publish the article or to refuse to publish it, sends to the authors of the article an extract from the decision (motivated, in case of refuse to publish the article) of the Journal's Editorial Board on this article with copies of reviews of the article (with information about the reviewers of the article removed from these copies).


Address of editorial office: 40 bldg.1, 3rd proezd Marinoy Roshchi, Maryina Roshcha intra-urban territorial Municipal Okrug, Moscow, Russian Federation, 127018.
Phone: +7 (495) 689-95-04 (доб. 22-24)
e-mail: VestnikTM@tmnpo.ru